October 30, 2009

we'll be whispering...


The thrive to share experiences- in a studio and on stage- was always in the core of music creation. When you combine the individual experience with the common goal, you get more than the sum of all parts, you have ORELHA NEGRA. Unique bunch of “characters” that bring their talent and knowledge of music to another level compose this Project. For whom it might concern we have Cruz (DJ/ Scratches), Ferrano (Drums), Gomes Prodigy (Keyboards, Synths), Mira Professional, (Voice Sampler/MPC, Synths) and Rebelo Jazz Bass (Bass guitar, Rhythm Guitar). Orelha Negra uses the sleeve cover technique (sleeveface.com) as a way to bring up the image of a collective enhancing the core and prominence of this project, which is their music. A MPC, a pair of Technics turntables, Drums, Keybords, Bass and Rhythm guitar. United becomes living tissue that emanates groove beats, samples, loops and a sound of their own. Orelha Negra is the result of putting together pieces of a puzzle. In each piece you find music history, the roots of black music such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Groove and Hip-Hop, and a lot of Portuguese culture represented by renowned musicians that are translated to the collective’s language. The ability to transform their influences in to a unique and new sound is their challenge…. You find in their sound borders that are defined by the past, present and a near future. A sound that makes you stamp your foot or clap your hands, a sound that you can..t stay different to…. It makes you reminisce and try to recognize that groove or beat or sample but it turns out to be a fresh new sound in your face!!!!!


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